• blueardenMy best grooming product of 2016 - Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate. I always wince when I think about how expensive this product is (it's too painful, I can't write it here - please don't ask me 😅) but I feel this product has made my skin taut and radiant on good days. It's an anti-wrinkle treatment with 10.5 percent vitamin C and stings a little bit when applied, but it gives me an immediate glow. I also think my skin is more even-toned now than it used to be. I can't say if it has truly reduced my fine lines - it's hard to tell when I see my face every day, haha. I'm now on my second bottle. Ask for a sample in stores.

  • bluearden#grooming #skin #skincare #antiaging #mens #menstagram #gents #serum #antiaging
  • thyszestIs it a toner? Or like a serum?
  • bluearden@thyszest It's a serum 👍
  • tammydavidTHE BEST
  • yellowlimeNamimigay sila ng samples? Shy ako eh
  • bluearden@yellowlime Yup, they do. Haha ano ba!
  • imlouisTried getting this, sabi nung naka labgown di ko kailangan. Sipsip at ayaw ng sale? 😂
  • bluearden@imlouis Wow, hahaha! 🙌🙌🙌 Hahaha. Samantalang yung SA ko masyadong madaming alam 😂.
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