• thatchelseagirl#LongPost: I saw a friend on Facebook do a 10-year comparison last night, and I thought it was pretty neat. A close friend of mine once told me not to let self-realizations get the best of me, but I like to think those realizations became the glue that kept me together some days.
    Left: senior year of high-school portrait; I didn't buy the class of 2007 yearbook until 2014, the week I watched my younger brother graduate high-school. At the time of this photo, I thought I would become an underwater welder with the US Navy Seabees: the only thing I didn't do to make that happen was sign on the dotted line.
    Right: at what should have been David Bowie's 70th birthday celebration with my roommate Leah; my guess is Bustos shot this photo while I belted out "Under Pressure" on the @drinkslounge dance floor.
    Both: adventurist, aesthete, ailurophile, ambivert, artist, baker, charmer, clotheshorse, confidante, cook, dancer, diarist, dog owner, dyslexic, enthusiast, feminist, friend, girly girl, heliophile, insomniac, lover, middle child, mother, party girl, pluviophile, poet, problem solver, procrastinator, reader, runner, savant, sister, songwriter, southpaw, storyteller, survivor, swimmer, tomboy, traveler, ugly crier, whistler, writer, yogi, youngest child, zeitgeist. Details tagged.
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  • indianaadamsLove this. I need to find a 2007 photo!
  • thatchelseagirl@indianaadams I am so bad at checking Instagram now since the timeline has been switched from chronological order, but I'll look out for it! Can't wait to see what you find.
  • thatchelseagirl@kicksnlicks I'll be sure to check it out!
  • thatchelseagirl@ourlittlebees Right back at ya!
  • strawberrymakI love this.
  • thatchelseagirl@strawberrymak Thank you Mariah! Miss your face.
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