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  • therockThis one felt good. Very good. 🤙🏾 Our @Ford partners asked me to unveil the never seen before, brand new 2018 FORD MUSTANG to the world. As their Ambassador, I'm happy to do.
    With a twist.
    Myself and Ford compiled a big list of US veterans and from that list, I chose Army combat vet & Purple Heart recipient, Marlene Rodriguez to surprise and give it away to her.
    It was such a cool moment that all of us in the room will never forget.
    When Marlene, stopped and just looked at me and asked "Why?", well that's when I may or may not have gotten a lil' emotional with my answer - in a bad ass manly way of course.
    Why? Because of the boundless gratitude and respect I have for you, Marlene and all our men and women who've served our country. Just a small way of myself and the good people of FORD of saying THANK YOU.
    A HUGE thank you to FORD, our SEVEN BUCKS PRODUCTIONS and everyone who was involved in making this awesome surprise come true.
    Finally, thank you FORD for making the new 2018 Mustang straight 🔥, completely customizable for the world to enjoy. Thanks also for making sure I fit in it as well.
    Marlene, fits better. 😉. Enjoy your ride mama. Enjoy that Dodger game. You deserve it.
    #2018FordMustang #FordAmbassador #HeFinallyFitsInASportsCar #ButSheFitsBetter #SheCanHaveIt #StoryOfMyLife * Click the link in my bio to watch this very cool FULL VIDEO.

  • leon.oleGod video
  • markoo1903@dvuralcan bide mustang
  • ashik_chirayath@syd_waters beast
  • bearded_vet77I just finished watching this . As a combat vet myself when she said she didn't deserve it her soldier does , that was the realist . I'm a 4x O.E.F. Vet with PTSD I felt that sorrow and you said exactly what she needed to hear . You might not read this but thank you .
  • george_962Amazing and heart warming !!
  • therutvikkumar@therock 💪💛Ford for future
  • ja3farsafa@k.safa__ خلي محمد يشوفها
  • katie_r83Rock you are seriously the coolest, kindest person ever. Keep on keep'n on. Your such a life changer😄
  • eray_kasliİyice sıçmışlar şu arabanın içine
  • _original_one1Nice
  • saimone.01Nice
  • daddy_rowdy@debbie_ojeda
  • preetyash753Nice broo
  • kodi7644Your so nice @#
  • albashmhmd29لغه
  • reversonborgesVery good...
  • brandansass17😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • sadoc_ivyAwesome!!!...Congrats Marlene thanks for all u have done and that u do!!!...The ROCK &FORD are absolutely right u definitely deserve it once again thank u!!!!
  • zabozlaev@therock Well done, all done well
  • minnismmStunning!
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