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  • skate_fictionAs long as we classify people and give them separate names based on color or ancestry, we will never be an equal people. If you're born in America, you're American. NOT African American. You're only African American if are a dual citizen of Africa first, and then America. Bet not many people referred to as African Americans qualify for the name. Same goes for Mexican Americans or Latino Americans, if you're born here, you're just plain old American. Unless somehow having a unique title carries with it some sort of special privileges or permissions, then maybe it's good to be "the same but different"???? Cum'on people, it's 2017, why do we still call people with dark skin something different than someone with light skin? Aren't we all human??????? @tommyguerrero
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  • tommyguerrero@skate_fiction I agree
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  • captain_booyah@parker_life77 A's are for assholes.
  • ttocs1001Rainbow of colours. He knew it. 🙏🏼🙏🙏🏾🌈
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  • damianphoto119This post is good
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  • sweetlilgrumpyWhen I was a l'il dude, you're part came out with you holding up a board that said "end racism" on it... I lived in a very small town, I had to hike to get to a paved road to skate... only white people... some good some bad.. some actually in the klan... since I was so young and almost never saw a person of color... I thought "what's racism?" Then I realized that people had a problem with Tommy Guerrero, with Cab, Hosoi, Gonz, Fucking Ray Barbee... and drew a line in the sand that day.. never underestimate the impact you can make on kids the world over... thanks for helping shape my world view..
  • razor_eaterIt was really difficult to type an "A," huh?
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