• giac_tuningB8.5 dual pulley file in progress. Beta tester and AZ'er Loe, recently ran 11.241@122.21. More updates to come...stay posted.

  • staticlifeThis is what we want to see!! Been following Loe's progress on AZ. Any chance of a mass produced cooling system to suit the extra demand of DP?
  • s4vage_392@staticlife already plenty of great options to choose from already. Given their relationship with awe, I'm not sure why they'd make their own.
  • staticlife@s4vage_b5shaker - from my understanding, the current off-the-shelf offerings don't stack up for hot weather climates or repeated WOT runs once you go dual pulley and push the stock SC up around 24k RPM. Hence Loe's custom cooling setup.
  • s4vage_392@staticlife the main purpose behind his killer chiller setup is for fast IAT recovery. He wants to be able to cool the car down much faster to make repeated pulls. You don't need his setup (though it is a common mod for other platforms with pd blowers). The current offerings are up to the task. Myself, 613b6, blownone, primetime and a few others are all running one of the big 3 cooling setups with good results. By the way I'm also running a GIAC dual pulley tune (mrmomo313 from AZ)
  • staticlife@s4vage_b5shaker ahhh mrmomo! Good to hear the standard cooling does the trick for daily use. Guess I'll just have to keep an eye on it once I go that way. Gets pretty warm down here in Australia.
  • project_s4@giac_tuning patiently waiting...
  • ice_cold_s5Can't wait!! @giac_tuning
  • _tt_boraI'm liking the back wall. A place for everything and everything in its place. 👌
  • s4tinlivinAny idea when shops will be getting the new file?
  • s4tinlivinEh?
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