A breath of fresh air! (By Simon S. Andersen) #zelda #zeldabreathofthewild #nintendo #ninstagram #nintendoswitch #artwork
  • nintendolifeA breath of fresh air! (By Simon S. Andersen) #zelda #zeldabreathofthewild #nintendo #ninstagram #nintendoswitch #artwork

  • muffinsapprentice@beethebuzzkill everyone is open to their opinions but telling other people why they're wrong is just mean. The people on this account are all Nintendo fans and will but what is thrown at them. I for one will do the same. And same goes for Xbox and PS fans. So thanks for your opinions but don't go telling people to stop playing the things they love.
  • jamessibert723@beethebuzzkill Simple analysis shows it's way more powerful than my phone, so duh. Thats what chargers are for. Most people won't use the portability often anyway
  • jamessibert723@beethebuzzkill Also why are you on a Nintendo account with a nintendo character as your profile pic if you're apparently dislike them? Get outta here ya troll, come back when you at least have something worthwhile to say ✌
  • beethebuzzkillBuddy I have ninentdo tattooed all over my body but just cause I'm a fan doesn't mean I'm a fan boy and throw money at nintendo cause I like them. It's not about what you like or what I like. It's about nintendo producing the same shit. It's the wii u 2. It's a piece of plastic junk.
  • isaiahlopezdelacruz@beethebuzzkill i agree with you, i love the legend of zelda but i kind of wish nintendo would make some new titles it's like they wanted a new game breaking system but are still using the same titles since the 80s
  • thedailylinkNice!!
  • yellowtail_manor@beethebuzzkill you sound upset yo. I don't want to be presumptuous but I feel like you are disenheartened by the fact that Nintendo is releasing another underpowered console (in comparison to the current generation competition). I feel as though you have a more "Triforce of power" outlook on what direction the gaming community should be heading, with heavy emphasis on top tier performance. As a fan of the Legend of Zelda series I consider myself to belong to "Triforce of courage" camp. So while I agree with your observations on the console as a whole, I do not believe that the Switch is a waste of my money. I'm well aware of the 900p resolution, 30fps, 2.5 hour battery life, 6.2in capacitive touch screen, and paid subscription service. I believe it takes courage to look at the competition and create something that is far different. That's how I consider it: different, not inferior. Unique aspects which appear to look fun. Sure, the differences are quantifiable: 900p > 1080p > 1440p. But I've played games that were 144p and loved every moment. I still very much enjoy picking up an old gameboy game and spending a few hours changing seasons and traveling through time. It's more about the heart and mind for me rather than the strength. That's what I consider an enjoyable experience. After all that's all we really want with video games; a little fun. Right? All I'm trying to say is its weird to hate on people who seem to like the Switch, we're just looking for a good time. But I'm not trying to take your freedoms away; you're free to disagree
  • beethebuzzkillNow this man gets it ^^ I'm not trying to take away anyone's fun, it's just annoying that no one can see what nintendo is pulling. I was pumped for the nx when they announced it and then they released the wii u 2. That's all I get from this system. Same games. Same hardware. Same. Same. Same. Same. Like really what made super nintendo the nes and 64 and the underdog gamecube good? It was the games and the simplicity of the system.
  • marialebolano@breathofthewild26
  • bro_dyyyWhat is Simons Instagram?
  • superjamaalrioIt totally captures the graphic style of Breath Of The Wild perfectly!
  • noisy_jakeHot
  • team_skull_kidPlot twist: botw is non canon
  • tacticalsandwichI wish fresh air was in Los Angeles
  • ironfall_invasionNice
  • cekootjeAh man so close to launch
  • g_verzola@cekootje Yep, 45 days!
  • gabe_hartford_martinezHe looks like finn
  • b3nny.m4cCan't wait
  • bestnintendogameszelda is gonna be so good! cant wait, check out Casey Neistats review on the Switch here: https://bestnintendogames.com/casey-neistats-nintendo-switch/ (link also in bio)
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