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  • lauramariemusicI've always had my favorite MLK quotes but these stood out to me this year more than others. I think of how much these thoughts and ideas ring truth in my head and heart and remember how bitterly his thoughts and ideas were opposed at the time he said them. But, you can't discount a person who so fully lives what he believes. Peace, justice, equality, love, faith...and the hateful took him down. It only sent the message further through time, sent it right here, right now. It's a reminder to live what I say I believe, to speak up and stand up for what I believe is right. I took this picture on a visit to D.C. a while back and "More Than This" was written in recognition of the pain of feeling helpless to change things. It's a pain I've felt deeply and a pain so many of us feel. But, we can relieve the pain with action, with love or with hate. Personally, I believe love has the farthest reach. (I've posted the song to my soundcloud account if you'd like to hear the whole thing. Or go to bit.ly/lauramariemore ) #mlk

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