• ellymaydayofficialfanpageWhen people have turned to me asking what they should do when they are faced whatever hurdle, I tell them to "keep on going." I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk and in this case, I will be spinning the spin.. hahah I'm a dork.
    I have teamed up with @knixwear and @spokehaus, two Toronto companies that are giving you an opportunity to #Spininyourskin, hosted by yours truly <3
    A bit about the event:
    On January 17, knixwear and Spokehaus are hosting a first-ever spin class focused on body positivity, while giving back. Model and body-positive spokesperson Elly Mayday will be along for the ride.
    Every rider who joins one of the classes will be given a knixwear robe, sports bra and boy short for their participation. For those who chose to #Spininyourskin, multiple undergarments will be donated to CAMH Foundation ( Center for Addiction and Mental Health) which is desperately in need of bras for incoming patients. For those who want to support the cause while clothed, a bra will also be donated.
    Sign up to ride with me here:
  • sophiamoreno7
  • veej69👍👍☕🍰🎵🎵🎶🎵♬♫♪♫🚲🎵🎶🎵🎺🎸🌷🌷🌷❤❤❤
  • marie.bodineSee you there 👍🏼
  • candeece57Now if I could do spin I'd be there......but I'd die in the first minute! Lol. Good for you in being there for a good cause.
  • katryna_nkdI wanna go!!! I'm only an hour out of Toronto! 🚴
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