Happy Birthday Koji you're 2 years old! 🤗we love you! 😘💋💋 @sugar_ash
  • ladygagaHappy Birthday Koji you're 2 years old! 🤗we love you! 😘💋💋 @sugar_ash

  • szirmkk_207Cuteeeee
  • darya_kalusenko😍😍😍
  • furman.anastasiiaOh my god
  • adiposefat1742Puppies
  • krissy.mv@ladygaga I realize this is probably not going to be seen and probably ridiculous but I'm turning 30 this year and i'm a huge huge HUUUUUGE fan (and a huge fan of your frenchies - I have 2 myself) but I wanted to invite you to my house in Canada to celebrate my birthday (April 29th is the party)? We're having a small party with a Turkey deepfry potluck with a fire and a bit of fireworks later in the evening. Here's hoping this gets to you and maybe I can cross something off my bucket list this year! <3
  • ompt_@albin__balaj
  • kokobeansworldU love dogs but u wear fur?! @ladygaga hypocritical!
  • dogalejewelleryWonderful!
  • purple.squirtleLoves this animal, yet wears fur coats where they are skinned alive for jackets. #hipocrit
  • preciousmicheleBeautiful pic.
  • swiftshadowfaxNeed more Asia and friends puppy pics! It's been too long!
  • lilymatthews6666Oh
  • ceshg2003Perrito
  • v___v3
  • kimgonzalezhernandezYour hair is so pretty
  • singer_nateLiterally thought you took a pic posing with an ottoman for a second
  • itamarferreiraguerraVc e linda e charmoza bjs
  • darie_73It's only while reading the comments of other people that I a Bipolar, Alcoholic (in remission 9 yrs.), with Conversion Disorder, realize how hard I am on myself. I'm definitely not the craziest person in the room or the less intelligent. I at least have kindness, empathy, humanity, things I find lacking all around me. Your dogs are beautiful, you are beautiful, ignore the ignorance of others. I know easier said than done.
  • suki6305生日快乐Ladygaga😊🌸💐🎂
  • junior_juniorbf😍🐶🐶🐶
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