• namrita_kA week ago I felt the least athletic I have in a very long time, coming off 40 hours of driving in 5 days and very little exercise. With a couple extra kgs 🙈 - today I finished off my first 40+ mi week of running in several months..with my fastest 15 miler ever. Plus it's gone from freezing to 70 degrees and sunny! I'd call that a good week ☀️#drinksword #marathontraining #bunny

  • rwdahn😍😘
  • smooshie_p_mcdiggles@namrita_k sometimes rest isn't a bad thing. I guess as cyclists and runners, we view rest as a detriment. 40 hours of driving in 5 days probably isn't considered "rest", however. lol!! Congrats on your 15 miler!
  • namrita_k@smooshie_p_mcdiggles ha yeah rest is one thing, driving is another! Thx 😊
  • part.time.nomad70 degrees? I can't even imagine..
  • namrita_k@part.time.nomad almost 80 actually - come visit 😊
  • m_carmen_longNice miles 👏👏👏
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