Just me being me and staying ready for all the challenges.  #ActorsLife #NotOffDay #hustler #EatorGetAte
  • iamjaybowdyJust me being me and staying ready for all the challenges. #ActorsLife #NotOffDay #hustler #EatorGetAte

  • goal_diggersNot a day goes by that I don't miss u. Wish I could get one last hug :(
  • drrewzRip
  • safawashereHis oldest son is in my class, he is 11/12, and I first found out that he had a famous dad, so I did some research and found out, how amazing his dad is..then I found out he..killed himself, because a woman accused him of sexually harassing her, even though bowdy told his sons he didn't, he still killed himself. His son is going through a hard time in school. R.I.P
  • rico10410RIP
  • bedirhanfiratozturkRip
  • jo_supremeHow he die
  • ss_mo8Rip
  • la_shay_k@ok_safa_ok..You must be talking about Dj. He's not the oldest, he's the second child
  • ms_holiwudOh my, I just learned of your death 😢. I been wondering where you've been and I came across R.I.P JayB. This is sad and you are in my thoughts 😕
  • safawashere@la_shay_k yup, that's him. He still talks about his dad.. it's really sad.
  • goal_diggers😢Jay. I need you back man.
  • 215.chilly__Rip
  • nba.j0rdan🙏🏽
  • ian_roddieRip
  • zarihsretoucherPerfect one!
  • carla.soares77312🙏😧
  • itz_maia_bDamn I miss you....knowing I can't sit around the table and eat my momma collards and play bones with u and everyone is wild. Just know you will never be forgotten and your kids will be ok. Love you jay. And thanks for being my other big brother.
  • streetballdanceMiss my homie.. R.I.P. Bro
  • queenlijayI love you big brother... miss you everyday💓
  • zay.floRip
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