• allie_farrisDear friends, I have a confession to make: this past month I've stayed mostly offline for one reason..tomorrow at 4:00pm, for the first time ever, I'm trying out for #TheVoice!! And even if this doesn't turn out to be the show for me(but I'm gunning for them!), I have learned so insanely much about myself emotionally, musically, and professionally that I'm positive that there will be something else down the pike for me soon. I am 100% prepared, going to give it my all, and would appreciate all the good vibes you can throw at me!

    Love you all, -Allie

  • jadetaylorhayesGood luck!!
  • thedailyclaireYou are going to rock this!!!
  • moelizabeth11You are gonna KILL it!!! Wishing you luck!
  • trishhoganmcWishing you the best!!! You're one of our favorites 😃
  • oktavianmusicHave so much fun!!
  • paigetefertillerGood luck!!!!💜
  • kelly_dewitt26Good luck!!! Hope you kill it!
  • k_bemrosebest of luck if u make it you be the only reason i would watch the show haha😂😂😂
  • fotomom17Ahhhh!!! So excited for you! You will kill it! We'll be praying for ya
  • justinfroeseHoly molé you're gonna make it on you're gonna make it on I know it!
  • taitikoesSucces..!!! 🌼🌼🌼
  • stphnglbrt#ALLIEFARRISFOREVER I am SO excited!!! get it GRRRRL!
  • alanrowothVibing
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