Pharaoh's first Runyon Canyon Hike
  • adamlambertPharaoh's first Runyon Canyon Hike

  • lunar.discowow! ✨
  • arg.eva#ilovedogs 😍😍😍😍
  • evalambert23Cute cute
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  • yasmeen125289Cute
  • minka0321He's GORGEOUS @adamlambert !!!
  • minka0321Thank you so much for adopting him from a rescue instead of getting him from a breeder @adamlambert !!! There are so many homeless and unwanted animals in the world..and breeders add to that problem daily. So thank you for doing the responsible thing and adopting your handsome new friend, Pharaoh ❤️🐕❤️
  • suzye_in_nirvana_stayPharaoh is so handsome, Adam! Happy for you! <3
  • 420maverickHe looks like a K-9 Chihuahua mixed breed
  • bunky337"Is this all mine"?? LAMBERT Outlaw
  • amberstrauserHe fits right at home in our former Egyptian apts! Congrats on your lil ginger baby!
  • pattie_poulakosAbsolutely beautiful
  • sunave_fpIts soooo fantasticaly and beautiful and😍👊❤️👑
  • sedonabert62Adam that is the most gorgeous view! No wonder pharaoh had to stop to take it all in. Gorgeous babes gorgeous!
  • sedonabert62Adam how old is pharaoh? He is a beautiful dog! 🐶
  • kimmyc79@nicscatch
  • therealtisoBeautiful
  • adamlamberttwinAwwwwwwwww
  • whyumaddoe6699basinji 💕💕💕
  • ricardowitkaCUTE
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