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  • gogosqueezIt's your lucky day! This #Fridaythe13th we're challenging you to name 13 varieties of GoGo squeeZ pouches, and tell us which is your fav. Comment below!

  • jenaelammersGogosqueez yogurtz are my sons fav! Banana and Strawberry. Applesauce squeezes apple apple, applebanana, appleberry, apple cinnamon, apple mango, apple grape, apple peach, apple pear, apple strawberry, apple cherry and we have only found one my MAv doesn't like pedal peach 🙂
  • lanas_lunchesMy kids love apple cinnamon & apple strawberry!
  • nic121312Just apple
  • jennifer_kasinskasApple Apple Apple cherry apple pineapple Apple strawberry apple banana apple mango apple cinnamon boulder berry apple peach. That's all I can think of now. My favorite is apple cherry and apple strawberry
  • jennifer_kasinskasOh. Forget. Apple pear and apple grape.
  • tinybeanskidsWe love zippin' zingin' pear!! 🍐
  • captainsoggycrumbApple strawberry, no doubt.
  • mosquintsApple pumpkin spice, apple apple, apple berry, apple mango, apple banana, apple cherry, apple grape, apple cinnamon, gimme five, apple pineapple,apple pear, apple strawberry, apple peach! Apple strawberry is the favorite around my house 😃
  • yvngdvn@gogosqueez apple pumpkin is my favorite
  • potter_nerdApple, Apple cinnamon, Apple strawberry, Apple banana, apple pear, apple cherry, Grape, apple peach, Apple Mango...that's all I can think of! Love the cinnamon one!
  • brookezacker@poseforthecam_
  • sarahschoolunchOur fave is the boulder berry and zingin pear. We mix it up with all the varieties!! 🍎
  • jenaelammers@gogosqueez was there a contest? You said lucky day & challenge 😄
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