When I went on the #uutour with @murs316 and @propaganda my bro Bam made sure I had merch to sale. Bam would always call me to check on me on the road , call me to tell me he got my back , make sure I didn't need anything , Bam was always there if I needed to talk. If I did something stupid he would let me know. Even though he's locked up he still calls to see how shows go and what I'm working on. He helped me with #BlackFuture . We drove to Alabama one time for a show and it was one of the best road trips I've ever did #FreeBam. Anytime I had someone come to town from @onebedoublelo7 , to @choppablock to @bubstyles and @arxv_bourgieboi , forgot  about @lando_chill too he took care of them.
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