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  • mkrotchieFinally. Even though I still have one week left in the 12 week #5x5 program I am currently in TODAY was the big goal for me. Squatting 315 again for reps after last lifting this amount of weight in 2011 (for a single!). .
    I know it's more than some and less than others but it was a bit mental hurdle for me to get over, even though I knew I would reach it by following the plan.
    After next week I'm going to lower the intensity for about a month and build up some volume, and then probably dive into another 12 week 5x5 session.
    #getit #goals #progress #stronglifts5x5 #squats #squat #skwaats #push #workout #lift #dontquit

  • schneid87Congrats, looking good!
  • mkrotchie@schneid87 thanks buddy, one day at a time!
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