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  • jack.yanIdiot from @avonausnz in the #Mazda without a clue about give way signs (you’re meant to wait behind the line!), how to pull out on to a road or indicating, then another dickhead in a #BMW attempting an illegal U-turn, all in the space of a minute. Tried to complain to the Avon website but the one on the side of the car (avon.co.nz) doesn’t work. Doesn’t give you much faith in #avoncalling. Worst advertising ever? #Avon #car #waka #Wellington #NZ #Aotearoa #whanganuiatara #summer #raumati

  • thecarhobbyconnectionBad drivers are everywhere and are mysteriously multiplying by the minute...
  • jack.yan@thecarhobbyconnection They all seem to be hooked up to the same mind, too, and universally annoy with the same behaviours. There must be a Borg hive of bad drivers somewhere. I bet it’s HQed in New Zealand!
  • basketcasenzWas it just me, or did it appear that the Avon car was so far out, a taxi got through behind it?
  • jack.yan@basketcasenz You’re absolutely right, that was how far out it was!
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