Casserole of Swillington Farm (@swillingtonfarm) Organic Chicken in White Wine with Crushed Wild Garlic Bulbs, Horns of Plenty and Winter Chanterelles cooked over a wood fire amidst gale force winds and high spirits. Myself and fellow outdoorsman Paul Jewison (@this_green_moon) were joined by Lisa Cutcliffe (@edulis_wildfood) who brought some foraged spices from her wild larder which I used to season the chicken - a blend of Alexanders Seeds, Hogweed Seeds, Wild Carrot Seeds, Pepper Dulse Seaweed and Wild Mushroom Salt. Balancing out the flavours, the casserole was finished with a dash of cream, a good grinding of nutmeg, thyme and tarragon and served with boiled Georgina potatoes garnished with chopped Three-Cornered Leek (a brilliant wild leaf which has a subtle flavour similar to leek and spring onion).
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