We have a benevolent and loving father and the more we love OUR SELVES we REFLECT our benevolent and loving father. How you use your mind will then TRAIN YOUR BRAIN and how you TRAIN YOUR BRAIN will then CHANGE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES. It's mental real estate. It's all about what you are paying attention too. So pay attention to LOVE. Pay attention to his words. The cure for cancer maybe in you. The cure for AIDS maybe in you. The next greatest invention maybe in you if you set your face to LOVE. Not keeping up with anything or anyone or dumbing down your potential. No. Because it has been written. There is something GREAT INSIDE OF YOU RENEW YOUR MIND and BELIEVE THAT TO BE TRUE ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ #DailyBread #IMAGEODEI #Kingdomwork #GodisGood
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