I know my face says 'thaaaaaaaanks bro...' with clear sarcasm and disdain, but FARRRRRK !!! I cannot recommend this book highly enough. An insanely apt and thoughtful (if a little ouchie) gift from my bro @jessehooper & his wifey queen @as852 - it is hitting home HARD, not only reminding me to be mindful of my REAL goals and dreams (and how I might actually achieve them) but it's funny, wacky, wordy, poignant, philosophical and unexpectedly personal and inspiring along the way. This is WAY more fun and has WAY more heart than a budgeting app. Anybody with spending 'issues' - or with big dreams that may take some dosh to achieve who ain't a natural born 'saver' - this is highly recommended!! Thanks Annie and Adam for such a brilliant and entertaining book! Xx hoops #hoopsrecommends #frugalfloozie #thenewme #wewillsee #EEEK
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