• instawithalex✖️TIMING✖️
    Do you consider the time of day when you post to Instagram?.. Well you should! While the new algorithm has changed who see's your posts slightly, posting at the right time can still make a big difference in the amount of engagement you get.
    ★The best way to determine this is to start by thinking about your target market.. What's their schedule like? What are the most probable times they would look at their phone and browse Instagram? Try posting then!
    ★To get more specific, use analytic tools like Iconosquare.com or Squarelovin.com to find the "best time to post" for your specific account. Using these tools I've found that between 7-9pm Pacific seems to work the best for my audience!
    ❓When is the best time to post for you? Let me know in the comments!
    📸: @stuffandall_ltd
    #immtribe #instagramtips

  • instawithalex@idapahus very smart!
  • instawithalex@g2socialmedia well at least there is that data!
  • instawithalex@thesocialrenegade haha coincidence!!
  • mapleleopardSo true ! That's pretty much the time for me as well ! Mornings don't get much response !
  • jessigreen__Did you take this photo? It is so good
  • mysweetsuccesscoachTBH it's when I get time to post but notice evenings GMT are stronger!
  • grace_and_valourIndeed !
  • tribeofjojoMe too! After 8 pm has always been best! Although... today... I just couldn't wait to post!
  • hellodayplannerI love how you always have good info to share. I've changed lately, m-f 12midday has been good for me lately. And Sunday nights are always good!
  • miniwings.usSuper!
  • bookertboudoirTiming is HUGE! even though I do post sporadically at times.
  • hayley.pepperI've tried to work out the timing and never been able to nail it.
  • become.the.lionHi! @instawithalex we'd love to have you on our podcast. If you're interested, please DM us!
  • clarityiscrucialSo true, timing is everything 💯✨
  • traceyjazminphotoI use an app called "When To Post" and it's amazing. It gives me the best three times during the day to post :)
  • kiriamartinezSo true. Timing is so important!
  • marbiastudiosYes I feel like I have to post at random times as I have clients from around the world.
  • parenthesesphotographyGood tips! Thanks!
  • bethlhicksI need to re work out the best times to post!
  • donnareedinbluejeansI try to pay attention to the time for the most part, but some times I post without looking - I definitely see a difference in engagement.
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