Life motto.
  • bleacherreportLife motto.

  • braddoubleyoucaponeAnybody ever heard the song "about us" by Brooke Hogan Ft. Paul Wall. Well, that's where it's from
  • rsenio_bRiley Freeman actually said that.
  • heavyt55He going to be playing for the browns in 4 years. Guaranteed. His team stuck so bad. He is a bum. Get him out of the hiesman talk. Dumb red jacket looks just like someone going no where on the field.
  • legendary_carrAt least don't use ebonics
  • blaineb_dankI wouldn't call that "hate". Just look at history.these stud college running qb's are rarely built for the NFL. Just look at rg3
  • seanmnts@blaineb_dank RG3 had one of the greatest rookie seasons in nfl history
  • seanmnts@heavyt55 No, he isn't. The Browns will have already stated a QB by then. A bum that scored 40+ TDs?
  • blaineb_dank@seanmnts Oh did he now? Lol. Let's pretend for a second that it was better than average, which it wasn't. How has he done since? Oh yea that's right, he's been constantly hurt because they didn't let him get big enough to take a hit when scrambling. I mean look at cam, he's probably the biggest running qb out there and even that fool is struggling with injuries .
  • seanmnts@blaineb_dank And the hit RG3 took that ended his season in '12 would've ended any QB's season, regardless of their size.
  • andre.w.22I mean if he can stay healthy and play smart, perhaps he has a shot in the nfl, but i think it's unlikely for him to be durable enough to stick around
  • gm4nking@seanmnts your funny man the browns need a whole team even if they do get a solid QB the poor guy gets a concussion
  • seanmnts@gm4nking Why are you telling me this?
  • salcazz@antoniodeieso same jacket lol
  • antoniodeiesoNot quite but i feel haha @salcazz
  • harsh16____This guy look like russell westbrook and jimmy butler
  • calebatkinsonThis kid is going to the NFL...
  • charleslovesjessicaHis heisman speech sounded like a 12 year old was speaking. He is a great representative of petrino and Louisville.
  • chantanimalHe needs to keep the helmet on.
  • jdschroederjrHe couldn't handle lsu , he'll definitely choke in the NFL
  • nick_sae12He need to change position if he want to be successful in the NFL
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