Well I made the cut!!! I guess I'll see you in DC next Friday. 
#inauguration #maga  #trump #45
  • donaldjtrumpjrWell I made the cut!!! I guess I'll see you in DC next Friday.
    #inauguration #maga #trump #45

  • sherrygarbinWill be watching the event on TV with its going to be great, take a couple deep breathes and your on your way. Good luck.
  • drmelissamarshmallowI will be so proud to see your father take the oath of office. Wish I could be there!
  • magreskovichGod bless.
  • jules240366God bless you and all of your family. Can't wait until January 20th @donaldjtrumpjr
  • cigars_with_chicksI got one too!
  • jennyrc11How exciting. Congratulations to the whole family!
  • advancecash_Dear Mr. Donald Trump Jr., I am writing you in part to congratulate you and you family! I am black and want to express my concern from my pov in the black community. There are chosen black individuals (@badgalriri, @therealmarymary, @christopherrules a.k.a Christopher Hill of Flint, Mi, @4everbrandy, #frankocean.) Those listed have directly Financially benefited during the era of Barack Obama causing destitution of me and other black individuals.
  • advancecash_I learned much of my knowledge of Republican measures from Jerry Fletcher of Utica Community Schools. Class of 2009 UHS.
  • sjkalozSo thrilled for our President/Elect Mr Trump. I wish I could be there. So proud of you and have supported you from the very beginning when you rode the escalator down with your wife, Melania to announce you will be seeking the office of President of the USA. I hate the fact of so many of these liberal, left wing bullies trying to discredit you. Please know there are more than their groups that love and respect you and look forward to 8 years. God Bless you and, Pence snd your families. 🇺🇸
  • bherberHave a great time, it's a brand new world !
  • harrelsontrumpetsNice!
  • tsoonertCan't believe you got an invite 😎👍🏼 - will be a good time 🚂🇺🇸
  • jillmaudlinWhat a great day this will be!
  • deaube744so excited....can hardly wait.
  • still.studyI pray for your safety and your success.
  • angelaroseavalloneLove it...
  • easy___you_goBest wishes. So looking forward to this.
  • oranegaell👍👍👍👍
  • sookietexAwesomeness Excited for and proud of your dad & the vp <3
  • jetdiamondI love seeing this invite!
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