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  • gardnerquadsquadKeeping up with Quads requires sustaining your energy. @premierprotein helps me stay ahead of 4 very busy toddlers! @charlestrippy, how are you going to make the day yours? #ad #PremierProtein #TheDayisYours

  • mommaof3kiddos_88@jlgcrane I don't think in any way they was complaining! She was just saying everyone needs an escape sometimes and it was funny that she escapes for a treat in the pantry. It's is obvious they love those girls with everything in them and totally would never trade anything in the world for them. There is a big difference in escaping for a treat and complaining about your kids! Sorry I normally don't comment on this kind of stuff but I just can't believe some of these comments under this video. We don't live their lives and we just get to share in the snippets that they post. They are doing a wonderful job and people really need to stop the negativity. I hope I can be as thick skinned as they have to be to continue to smile and share their life's when people are so rude !
  • 4pure.joy@jlgcrane parents who have dealt with infertility most definitely think about how our words, pregnant belly, our children, and so forth, effect other people still waiting on that positive pregnancy test. We have compassion for those still waiting on their first child, but we can't pause our life. Most people will shoot videos of their kids and complain about life, all while not giving a flying flip about infertile couples. At least the Gardners are open about their journey which can help other people who are keeping their infertility a secret.
  • life_as_a_sirenI'm so confused @cexley25 why would 2 year olds go to school? You are what 25? Did you start school 23 years ago to enhance your communication skills? If you did it's been a waste, sorry to say. And maybe location affects when you start things with your children but I know for a fact that you do NOT put your children in school at age 2 in Fort Worth. And whether you have a special needs child is no excuse to not pay attention to your own parenting. When you are sitting here on instagram watching "ads" or keeping up with your 15 followers maybe you should rather be in occupational therapy with your son or researching developmental strategies to help your own child rather than using your diagnosis as an excuse to turn your cheek to your own child. And homeschooling is NOT wrong! Some kids benefit greatly from it where school situations fail them. For someone NOT in the perfect parenting situation you should NOT be judging the actions of someone else. You are online privacy or not you live in a glass house you should remember that!
  • dzgrandmaJust picked up new banana flavored premier!!
  • life_as_a_sirenDo you find a good deal on these at costco @gardnerquadsquad ?? I need a meal replacement that doesn't taste like nasty chalky flavoring!
  • chrissy42301I love the chocolate ones
  • shay_guthrie@cexley25 I really wish I knew what you said!!!
  • camilasasazaki@fabiolacariatti
  • camilasasazaki@giovanadsr
  • jlgcrane@mommaof3kiddos_88 I don't see how I was being rude when I was simply asking a question. If the same Ashley & @tyson__gardner would have seen this video during their 8 year struggle, would they have found it as funny? Or would they have seen it as, please bring those children to me since "they never go away". I have three children so I understand needing a break but would someone who can't have children see it as funny? That's what I am asking. It seems they wanted others to be mindful of their situation & their heartache.
  • jlgcrane@4pure.joy Yes, I understand that we all make cute videos of our children & we say these type of things but we don't post them on the internet for thousands & thousands of views. They say that they started this to bring awareness for all couples who struggle with infertility. That's why I am asking if they would have found it to be insensitive during the time they were struggling. Or would they have given anything to be in the mom' shoes who was saying "they never go away" they are always there". That's al, it's just a question. No harm or hate meant by it.
  • carol.eccard@dicademae_ olha isso Amanda!! Ela eh demais! Me divirto!!!😍😍
  • dicademae_@carol.eccard kkkkkkkkkkkkkkl
  • dicademae_@carol.eccard vou seguir
  • 3girlsmom_br😂😂😂❤️
  • carol.eccard@chiccool_ segue ela amiga!! Dos quádruplos!! Muito fofas!!!❤
  • memedelights@divajo73
  • beccaweav16I've been here one day. If people believe that this is easy, just ask me!!! My Daughter Michaela (22yrs) already had to take a nap, she said " how do Tyson and Ash do this all the time#greatparents#hardwork#nosleep
  • matildamusical.naughtyThe girls are cute but you guys have got to stop with the extreme desire for fame. It was cute the first time but the staged Cheerios thing and now this AGAIN? It's too much. I like the REAL vlogs, not the staged stuff... Also I somewhat agree that the girls development is slow and I think you guys need to get out with them more and do more things and quit trying to keep them babies. Hope you all don't become selfish divas because you had a video go viral especially with the amount of times you heavily talk about faith and stuff. Good luck on the Ellen show, you'll need it. Usually fame comes back and bites you in the butt.
  • failingmoon@matildamusical.naughty I have to agree with you. I stopped watching them months and months ago also unsubbed as it become uncomfortable to watch. I was there from basically the beginning and adore the girls but something is off. Sometimes I take a look at a video just to especially see Esme but that's about it. Also I caught one moment I believe it was their WandA when Tyson was saying that Ashely is all about this lipstick buainess and she is rarely at home or always working (when they already have the blanket one) I am so confused....
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