• imandyhaynesMy friend @paul.loughney is an amazing artist. He makes collages like none I've seen before. He's also an awesome dude and father. If some of you talented comedy types have some walking around (guild) money and are decorating a house or apartment or just want to support a talented artist, contact this dude.

  • lil__pain👌
  • paul.loughney@imandyhaynes Kind and supportive words coming from a sincerely awesone guy!! The fall time had time in the making and now I'm applying for grants, shows. Just put up new collage series on website under NEW WORK. You know, I've had some success in renting artwork out to local NYC folks- live with art for a few months and return it or purchase. Learning to live with a picture or object is a form of relationship building! Sounds a bit like a dating site tag line. Haha. Love you man!!
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