Call me C.J Watson!
  • thenotoriousmmaCall me C.J Watson!

  • gabriels_tocool@anonymiss.speaks.truth why would you talk about running when mcgregor was running from nate on MMA?? You never see running in MMA 😂😂😂 what a clown i swear
  • _ss_aa_2Konor champion
  • _mvsterbrvce_Yessir
  • fuckinguelJAJAJAJA
  • kadiepie1He's such an ass clown hope Connor spanks his dumbass!!!!! I'd pay all the $ I could afford to watch this fight!!!
  • danwizou✌🎮👌😎💯🌹
  • anonymiss.speaks.truth@gabriels_tocool he was running. Nate wasn't hitting him and Conor kept dodging his shots so Conor decided to step back until starts throwing some punches. And once again Conor delivered more blows and won the fight fare and square. Now back to mayweather, who always runs like a little bitch and makes up an excuse and says it's defense. You must be some stupid casual fan that doesn't know shit about defense and scoring points in matches?
  • travistyson3Lit @jeremytyson_ @jtyson081
  • bu.snaidhWanna be floyd fan boy
  • horrabbasiWhy
  • kvng.gvupYour not ready for him in boxing in mma u would beat his ass but in boxing he would beat yo ass
  • _nahue1God
  • edfazridwidesyocoNice!
  • roddy650Canelo for 25 my nigga that b the one
  • konor8044Conor you're the best champion
  • cam.lcsLol. Floyd gayweather
  • notypealex@thenotoriousmma Pussy Spray! You are to small for a Legend. As your county as your tipe of life as Everything....but still fighting make that 100 milioan and Then But Only Then you go and ask Floyd if he has time for you and Dana your boss Dana is a girl name 😂 As you to Mcdonald i mean Mcgregor 😂😂
  • gangstaaf_You have no chance against him Bruh...
  • forever_varen@ninetythree__til I can't to see the two of them go head to head before the fight 😂😂
  • ryantmayerMeanwhile Floyd needs a forklift for his belts.
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