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  • evakosmasfloresMy garden has endured the full spectrum of weather possibilities this year, and last night we got the most snow we’ve seen since moving here almost three years ago. After getting it more regularly, I think we need to invest in a 4WD vehicle, since we’re pretty much trapped in the house anytime it’s snowy or icy outside and that’s been happening fairly regularly the past month. Does anybody have any 4WD cars that they love? Please tell me all the deets! I’ve only ever owned my beloved Focus pocus and know nothing about cars. #HALP #adventuresincookingathome

  • clinton_ferraraSubaru all wheel drive is the way to go. You don't need chains. We had a forester for years and it went everywhere. 4wd you still need chains.
  • clinton_ferrara@evakosmasflores my son lives on the big island. Fascinating place. Let me know if you want any of my eating place recommendations.
  • d_eat_girlLet it snow...🎶🎶🎶😆👍
  • evakosmasflores@clinton_ferrara Thanks Clinton!! I'd love to hear your recommendations for good food stops on the island 💕🌿💕
  • salty_and_turquoiseSo Wonderful ❄
  • clinton_ferrara@evakosmasflores way up north in Hawi is the Bamboo Grill. Down south in Hilo is Pineapples. Their scallop appetizer is so good. North of Kona at the Honokohau marina is Bite Me. Fresh fish tacos. We have them for a late breakfast. The Fish and Hog in Waimea/Kamuela. These will get you started. Aloha.
  • divabakesEVA!!! Soooo jeally! ❄️❄️
  • wittersgarden@evakosmasflores oh I forgot to mention it survived grazing a moose and the heated seats are WONDERFUL!!
  • crustpiesptAs everyone in the PNW will agree, the Subaru Outback is the best car ever! I got a used one 3 years ago, it is an '05 lots of miles and never a problem! I 💗 my car, her name is Willow.
  • cassiaelieshaWe have had a RAV4 (all wheel drive) for the past 4 years up here in Fairbanks, it's been very reliable in the snow. There are a lot of Ravs up here and also a lot of foresters too!
  • laurenpalomares💕
  • lindagritzbeckLove out KIA Sorento... love the heated seats !
  • dwell.and.delightCool!
  • imperativoipotetico😍😍
  • undergroundcollectorVery nicee
  • yo.va.naI ❤my Subaru Crosstrek! Heated seats too...
  • evakosmasflores@clinton_ferrara Thank you and aloha!!! SO excited to try these recommendations!!
  • evakosmasflores@yo.va.na @lindagritzbeck Ohhhhh heated seats sound AMAZING right now 😍
  • happilyeveritalyMy husband and I both have Nissan 4WD vehicles that we adore and we live up a rocky, dirt hill where it snows.
  • christiannkoepkeOmg I've been thinking the same thing !!!!
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