• autoimmunepaleoMichelle from @unboundwellness here again! Let's talk travel foods/ food on the go AIP. I've done numerous trips AIP, including a week long trip to Indonesia this past December. I brought ALL of my food on that trip without refrigeration 😱 but I spent the whole trip feeling good! Jet lagged, but good 😹 It's taken a lot of practice, but here are my tips!

    Bring ice packs and freezer bags! You can take ice packs on a plane as long as they're frozen solid. I bring fresh foods to eat on the way there, and shelf table foods for later.

    Stock up on AIP travel friendly foods like...

    Dried fruit 🍉 •
    Oven dehydrated veggies or veggie chips (plantain, sweet potato, beer, zucchini, etc!)

    Sardines, tuna and canned salmon.

    AIP safe Epic bars like bison, or homemade beef jerky.

    Travel size olive oil and coconut oil. I've seen Trader Joe's selling travel size coconut oil packs! •
    Seaweed snacks... etc!

    Remember when eating out that most restaurants cook in seed oils. Always ask, or just go fresh and uncooked like a salad! Extra points for adding your own can of fish on top 😉

    Happy travels! What are you favorite AIP travel snacks? ❤️ Michelle [@unboundwellness]

  • autoimmunepaleo@maartje.1234 you're so welcome!! ☺️ - Michelle @unboundwellness
  • itsallaboutaip@autoimmunepaleo did you have to claim it when you landed in Italy?
  • mkmj8I am going to England this summer. Great tips! With all the dehydrated stuff did you make sure to drink extra water?
  • christiane_dixonWhere can we find these chips
  • dstevens5573I saw those chips at Kroger.
  • vivrewellness@itsallaboutaip I recently took tuna and several epic bars to Europe with no problem in both my checked luggage and carry on too!
  • itsallaboutaip@whenindoubtsauerkraut wow that is great to hear! Thanks! Did you have to declare it or no?
  • vivrewellness@itsallaboutaip nope! I do recommend bringing tuna pouches instead of cans though. I've brought both and sometimes if it's several cans it causes an issue, I think it really all depends on the airport and the TSA agent though!
  • angelastoltzCostco has the beet chips!!👌🏻
  • autoimmunepaleo@christiane_dixon I've seen them at sprouts and apparently Costco and Kroger have them too! 🤗
  • autoimmunepaleo@angelastoltz @dstevens5573 great to know!!
  • autoimmunepaleo@mkmj8 have fun! For sure! I found myself more thirsty as well.
  • emscolesThis is the best, thank you!
  • itsallaboutaip@whenindoubtsauerkraut ok perfect!! Thanks so much!!
  • annaespinoza77👍🏻 thank you for posting this. I'm always looking for on the go ideas. Do you know of any bars, other than Epic, that are AIP?
  • cheflangAnyone been to India on AIP?
  • autoimmunepaleo@annaespinoza77 I believe Wild zora has AIP compliant bars too!
  • annaespinoza77@autoimmunepaleo Thank you so much for the tip! 😊
  • heidi__beckerThese are my same go to foods!!
  • kohapetPerfect!
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