Arm knitting my day away πŸ€—πŸ’ͺ
  • simplymaggieblogArm knitting my day away πŸ€—πŸ’ͺ

  • amandasteadman3Love that 😍
  • jennrmatthewsThat pink is so pretty!
  • heforresterBEAUTIFUL!!! Is that jazzy?
  • yvepelayo😍
  • kindred_raeLove that color!!!! I've been looking for that color for my daughter. So prettyπŸ’—
  • pacaralo@simplymaggieblog Good afternoon miss Maggie, what kind of yarn use for that blanket? I lived in Chiapas, Mexico and I would like to know what kind of material is the thread, because I cant find the same brand here. Thanks for your help, God bless you.
  • njburnsArm knitting question; I have always wanted to try it (I knit with regular needles currently πŸ˜‰) but do you have to finish your entire project in one sitting? Like with regular knitting my needles keep the stitches on the project when I set it down. If I set down arm knitting would I end up with like 85 dropped stitches?
  • esartore1181@simplymaggieblog love your blankets !!! Do you use any other yarns ? I wanting one but more of a nude blush color !! Thank yuh
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