Lace up your skates or grab your skis and get outside! Torch hundreds of calories while having fun🎿 #WorkoutWednesday
  • jawboneLace up your skates or grab your skis and get outside! Torch hundreds of calories while having fun🎿 #WorkoutWednesday

  • rachelnyboerSame boat. Received my UP2 replacement last July after my strap ripped. Of course it broke again in the same spot, and now? No response. No phone number to be found. Not cool, Jawbone.
  • alitaactiveWonderful :)
  • thee_jessejames
  • klund_fitkillin it 😉
  • neoinvestmentpartnersFascinating one
  • preetisunaina@jbeers08 At least you managed to open a claim - I am in India and I haven't even got a reply to my emails so far. Worst decision ever buying a Jawbone UP3
  • thewhitebrand👍✨
  • juli15.01I need help!! Have you got a technical support in Argentina?
  • astrum03@jawbone looking for support. Filed 2 email claims and your 800 phone number "isn't accepting calls". I have an UP3 that is not working and under warranty! HELP
  • asortofmeLow material quality and very poor Service! Rubber band of my Up3 is broken after 8 month !!! And NO response from the Support Team for more than 2 month! Seems that this is not uncommon but actually a normal behaviour... I can only recommend to choose another brand/supplier ! ! ! Don't invets in an Jawbone Fitnesstracker ! ! !
  • jbeers08@preetisunaina STILL waiting on a reply. My wife and I are looking into different trackers for our family since @jawbone has treated us so poorly. They promised a replacement under warranty and have not come through. NO communication. NO returned emails. NO acknowledgement of messages on Instagram or Facebook. Ignoring the customer is a sure way to destroy a business.
  • jsssikaWell...after seeing these comments I guess I'm screwed out of a warranty replacement. Jawbones phone is now disconnected!
  • lexehyde@asortofme I've had 6 replacements! Now no response!
  • jbeers08@lexehyde You've had 6 replacements and I can't get 1 because you used up all of their JK.If they didn't make such a cheaply made product there wouldn't be as much of a need for replacements.
  • wortmanstephanieLots in same boat with warranty I am going to fit bit next
  • lexehyde@jbeers08 I loved the product to start, What a shame. I've now got a polar, it's brilliant. Also I'm in contact with watchdog to look into Jawbone.
  • alexandramachoverlove your account 💖
  • lizjosefsberg👑
  • nickmiddletonphotoCool photo
  • pharmakidsappcarina!
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