• underthesycamoreMorning routine captured by my eldest daughter, who is often seen wandering the house with my camera in her hands.
    When I'm not using my DSLR, I leave it out and on Auto (yay for older kids). They have easy access and freedom to capture life as they see it. I am my eldest daughter's favorite subject, which I get because my favorite subjects are those I love too. If I hide from her camera or only smile for her when I'm 'camera ready', I teach her that she is only beautiful and photo worthy under certain circumstances - and goodness I don't want to teach that. Instead I'm well documented in my workout clothes and ponytail...and she sees the beauty in simple everyday me. #snapshopphototip #embracethecamera @snapshopworkshop

  • brandishurekThis is so good!
  • songskatesangYes. I love your words here. Thank you for the reminder.
  • amy_cyphersI love this.
  • ellenhargroveWhat a beautiful reminder! 💗
  • tgrsbugPerfect ❤️
  • bonniewidLove this! Thanks for sharing this. It encourages me to let the kids play more with my camera. My youngest has been so interested lately.
  • rachelbcrawfordThis is great!
  • beth_hess_Great reminder for me as a mom
  • boughtbeautifullypicture perfect 📸
  • marina_kellyLove this!
  • mollyannemakeSo good
  • asthebluebirdwanders😭 Love everything about this.
  • chachismemoriesI want to copy and paste your words to quit you and share share share!!!!! Darn Instagram doest let me BUT seriously every mom needs to hear/see this!!!!
  • detailgalblogInspiring! I let my kids put their fingers all over the 300+ photo prints that arrived from @mpix today; inspired by you.
  • dishla9Beautiful...thank you for these words
  • lkmckeeAnd she's just sitting there eating like it ain't no thang. I began reading your blog when you were in China getting ready to meet her - what a blessing to see her thriving. We are only a couple months away (hopefully) from being matched with our own Chinese cutie!
  • drdoolittle2Wisedom
  • julierobbieThis is the sweetest, dearest caption.
  • magshimaLove your words! Very smart and thoughtful
  • seamingly_sarahI get it. There is this photo of my family of four on the beach and I TOTALLY look pregnant! I'm not. But it is a photo of the people I love all together having fun, so I printed it and put it up for us to all see.
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