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  • katiebyeagerThis has been a tough story to share. I hope it brings insight to some things and helps some people. Check it out on spilledmilkclub.com The link is in my bio. @spilledmilkclub

  • amber_marie_sweeneyYour a strong mama!!!
  • katalina.boomanHe's literally a Narcissist. Between the abuse, money problems, cheating, addiction, and lastly the discard and abandoning his family. You definitely are a survivor. @katiebyeager
  • katalina.booman@__holliiebxo look up narcissist and the term discard before making ignorant comments.
  • __holliiebxo@katalina.booman look up the term kiss my ass lol. She has one story and the show has a different story. On TV it showed him breaking up with her and basically making her leave. Then he had a new girlfriend. I remember perfectly Katie asking him if she could come over to nurse molli because she was engorged. But now she's saying she left him and never looked back? Doesn't add up.
  • katalina.boomanThey got back together briefly after the show ended. Or he made her believe they were and that's when she left him. Again don't run your mouth if you don't know the whole story.
  • mragz621Wish you guys were still on MTV
  • rory_mae7I too, took my babies and left. @katiebyeager you are so strong. It took me too long to get out I was too afraid.
  • steeleysuzyVery strong of you @katiebyeager!! 💪💪💪
  • kayla.krystyneSo proud of you @katiebyeager I've been there and I've left with my 2 babies. I eventually because an domestic violence councilor and it was the most rewarding job I could have ever done! You are strong and beautiful! Don't ever let someone steal your sparkle:)
  • katiebyeager@__holliiebxo we did break up briefly that time (like a month) then we got together again and I stayed for almost another year.
  • __holliiebxoSee that makes more sense. Thank u for clarifying. Not to be a bitch it just didn't make sense to me lol. Thank u!
  • bernadettecbc@katiebyeager and anyone else interested, please read The Risen Woman by Angel Canann. It's a book about different forms of abuse and how the featured women escaped or got through PTSD that comes with abuse. Angel wrote it to bring about awareness and to connect with other women that feel alone.
  • kelcimikalaProud of you! @katiebyeager
  • mommaliz.21Literally going this this same thing with my husband! Seeing this makes me feel like I can do it with out him❤ my son and I deserve better
  • fayebantaI can remember watching you on the show and praying for you and your sweet baby. He was so mean and abusive. I'm sure in hindsight you can see it but not at the time. I'm so happy you are in a better place for you and your babies.
  • alexiswilhelmmI absolutely loved teen mom 3. You all were an example of good mothers. It's sad that we don't get to keep up with you on TV anymore. I always adored you & knew you would achieve great things. I also went through an abusive relationship & it's opened my eyes to so much now. I'm glad to see you out of that situation and on to better things. Keep up the good work momma.
  • deannelairson@katiebyeager I to went throw the abuse that you are taking about he reminds me of my ex as well but we had to do what was best for us girl proud you left love Deanne
  • brigetarivera_italianmamiOmg I just finished reading your blog about abuse and I cried my ass off laying here in my bed! My kids are looking at me like "Mama what happened" but it's just I'm moved by your perception of a bad relationship! I agree 💯
  • tink3397424I read it I'm sorry that happened to you @katiebyeager
  • marissa71230Love you @katiebyeager ❤️❤️❤️
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