• beckyhigginsllcNew year. New resolutions. New baby in your life? Or ... know someone who is expecting a baby this year? The Baby Boy and Baby Girl Editions of #ProjectLife (designed by @EmilyLey) are the PERFECT way to get those pregnancy / birth / first year photos into an albums ... in a format that's fast, easy, and 100% do-able for any new parents. Prior scrapbooking experience required? Heck no. #ShopBeckyHiggins

  • jackie.g14@julia12_23 this would be cute for our baby books, now just to find the time...
  • _zombie.girl_@beckyhigginsllc is this kit available on the App??
  • megan_elizabeth_8I've been using the app version to do my son's baby album :) he's 6 now... better late than never!!
  • elianalyman@ariana.ras get starteeeeddddd :)
  • nikimcdowell@_zombie.girl_ it is. I have the physical format before I started using the app and now I'm using this kit in the app to try and figure out how I want to lay out my physical version, lol!
  • megan_elizabeth_8@_zombie.girl_ I've shared a few layouts using the app version :)
  • horseyreader@slcoleman99 we should get the baby boy kit for Katy!
  • jennymakesmealsMy absolute "go to" baby gift!
  • thetowlesI have the boy one for our son who is due in 3 weeks. Excited to use it! Of course, I need to do 2016 first...🙄 or maybe not!
  • beckyhigginsllc@_zombie.girl_ Yep!
  • reedhollyaI have been using Project Life to scrapbook my families stories for several years now. I just received my Core Kit for 2017 and I am not happy about the packaging at all. It use to come in a nice box that would keep it all contained and now it comes in a flimsy plastic tray. I love using project life and feel that this packaging idea has done the product a big disservice @beckyhigginsllc.
  • jesdesignstudio@bibbn
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