• dallashartwigIt's really therapeutic to reconnect with the analog world. So much of our world has become digitized: text messaging, online bill payment, digital cameras, Google Maps, email, Amazon, the list goes on. As I look around and see the trendy return toward the artisan and analog, I have to wonder whether that is a societal reaction to the hyperdigital world. I think it is.

    I'm spending this week in a beautiful little cabin in Washington state, in the early stages of writing my next books. The cabin, lent to me by a very generous family, sits right on the ocean, and has been modernized with an electronic thermostat. I opted out, choosing instead to haul a bunch of firewood and use the fireplace instead. I'm figuring out how to harvest oysters from the ocean, and I am shooting my 35mm film camera a bit. (I recently purchased a vintage medium format film camera, too, inspired by @janellesparkles' film shots from our last group trip to Big Sur, including this one of me.)

    I'm wary of blindly romanticizing the past, of being sentimental of "simpler times". I don't believe that things were always better in the past, but if I look at my life now compared to the way I grew up, heating our home with wood that my family cut and split and stacked ourselves, eating food grown on our own land, and drinking water that flowed out of the side of the mountain, I have lost something along the way. A sense of being rooted. A sense of home. A sense of being connected to the earth, and through it, to all people and animals and trees and stones and water. As Neil deGrasse Tyson says, "We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically."

    If there is one thing that most people I know say that they want more of, it is connection. And that happens through touch, tone of voice, and eye contact. It happens through manual labor, meditation, and, yes, analog experiences.

    Today, choose something different. Choose writing a letter over sending a text. Choose starting a fire over turning up the thermostat. Choose planting a garden over ordering food online. Opt out. There can be surprising joy in the analog.

  • drwillcoleLooking good brother. Miss the convos!
  • thenourishingseed@dallashartwig we've just come back from ten days in the Amazon jungle. No internet. Very little electricity. It was incredibly simple and joyful. Which I am convinced joy and simplicity are connected. We came back to our beautiful gorgeous large house (in Washington state) and I have been off since. I am struggling with this guilt of feeling so privileged and yet feeling a deep need to go simple. My mind is foggy. I am.confused. I am back to some old habits. Thanks for sharing some of you
  • annamjordnI totally agree that the trend towards the artisan and analog is a subconscious (or not) way to resist the overwhelming digital world.
  • two.thirdsveggies@dallashartwig are you familiar with the writings of Wendell Berry? He writes beautifully about feeling connected to the land and our Earth. If you're not already familiar, I highly recommend!
  • bravegirlmt💓
  • rbarrow7Thank you @dallashartwig this resonates deeply 💗 I'm trying, even in the smallest ways, to bring simplicity & connection into my life through some of the ways you mentioned. I agree is must be a kind of alternate rebellion & I'm totally down with that.
  • flossyourteeth1We live on a 166ac tree farm and cut all our own wood, have chickens, orchard, garden....it's all refreshingly hard but rewarding work. My opt out today: built fires and made bread and yogurt.
  • imalarkYour last couple of posts have come at the perfect time; they seem to have been written just for me. Thank you for putting into words what I so often feel. It's nice to know there are kindred spirits out there. #connection
  • angelina775Sending out invitations to a party by mail. Yes,it's easier to text or email about it. There's nothing better then getting an old fashion invite by mail!!❤️
  • anonymousminimalistWe have fires outside our little traveling home almost every night but I do text to keep in touch with friends and family. I'm gonna go find me one of those old school ink pens and parchment paper and write up a few scrolls. Won't they be surprised to get that in the mail haha. I may need to learn some smoke signals too 😎😎😎
  • nourish_dbLove this!! 💗💗💗💗
  • franimal_millerThanks for reminding me to have fun and playtime. Even if the rest of the word is bragging that they are JUST SO BUSY! 😑
  • chelsearlloydYes! I always keep a fountain pen and stationary with me in case I want to mail an impromptu card! I also love vinyl records...just the whole process of setting up the turntable makes me anticipate it more! Musical foreplay?
  • beingisbeautifulThere are no words to describe this space of stillness & silence. Deep reverence for these spaces of minimal interference. So good.
  • okcassieWoohoo! Sending you all the creative vibes!
  • kim_farleyI'm diggin' this!
  • candicebestYes! I am trying to practice the art of slow living this year, and that means more analog experiences.
  • food.is.my.fuel@dallashartwig i wrote a poem for a person that i love and instead of emailing it, i wrote it on a piece of paper and gave it to him. Thank you for the motivation!
  • thepracticecollectiveI love it there so much~ you can really feel the connection to our supreme Mother Earth and all her bounty! 💐🐚
  • thefeistykitchen
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