• optimumnutrition_uk#Repost @brockcunico
    Remember why you started, how you got there, with everyday intentions to get where you're going.
    To often many lose sight confusing contentment with success, falling back into the revolving door of mediocracy leaving their dreams unfulfilled.
    If you think back to why......you may just find the how's to reach the wheres.
    Destination is always on the move. When things get hard it's up to you to be one step ahead or one step behind....where do stand? #alwaysonthemove
    #teamON #optimumnutrition #nevergiveup #NATTYNATION

  • shan23mvpNice one!
  • brockcunico@optimumnutrition_uk thanks for the shout out! Hoping to come to work an expo with you guys in the near future!
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