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  • abc13houstonMEMORABLE MOMENT: President Obama wiped a tear from his eye when he thanked his wife First Lady Michelle Obama. We have the entire #ObamaFarewell address on ABC13.com

  • ana.andaverdeY'all always have to say something about all the president first was bush and now it's obama .next will be the one and only stupid trump. All the president promise the world they are all the same .but at least all the other president has respect and kNew how to speak. Not like trump dump.
  • rhelen55God Speed🙏🏽❤️❤️❤️
  • sweethersey❤😭💜🎉💯💪✊🙌🌹
  • clau1_clauBeautiful family with classic not like the clown and the circus we gonna get .
  • nomasoyoI wiped my tears of happiness as these days finally come to an end. Praise God!!!!
  • choonikLove this family
  • felipedavila59Fake tears, just sad he can no longer destroy AMERICA!!!
  • joelwifey08Love his family
  • jbertrand0511Boooo
  • cdelara43@frabjous_existence 😢
  • jlomas86All y'all that are happy hes leaving and saying he destroyed America let's just see what this stupid ass Trump is going to do.
  • caryhuddHope they have good things to come this year .Good Luck!
  • lady_gg_10Love him!!! Love them
  • blondeinsanitySee ya. !!!!!
  • frabjous_existence@cdelara43 i know i was bawling
  • nardovinceThe only reason he had tears in his eyes is that he is going to have to pay for his own vacations.
  • graciesm45Obama Will be missed , Who cares what they say about him , He was a great president. 😍😘☺💋💝👍😇
  • graciesm45@jlomas86 Very true . Trump👎👎👎
  • cdelara43@frabjous_existence I missed it 😢😢
  • bebeguerraAll you Trump trolls need to take your ass on your idiots Twitter acct., and follow your hero!
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