• bydawnnicoleDistressing your paper is a really great way to add character to your lettering pieces. To see how I gave a white sheet of cardstock a vintage-style vibe for this piece search "How to Distress Paper" on my site. It's super easy and so much fun! 🎨 Pen: @tombowusa Dual Tip. Inks: @tim_holtz Distress Inks.

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  • thegirlofpaper👍
  • peach_script@scriptingkat you should try this!!
  • lovelyletter_abcThis looks great! Love the LOTR quote! 💖
  • viridianvermilionI saw your Story today- your studio is just WOW 😍 it reminds me a little bit of a loft studio I had years ago with the separate stations for different things. I just love all the color. I have been in a one bedroom apartment for the past 6 years so my living room and dining room serves as my studio. I have to compromise somewhat because my boyfriend lives here too and I can't go full throttle girlifying it with all the bright colors I want to because it doesn't seem fair. Anyway as soon as we find a house that suits us we are moving 💃🏼so I am so excited to build another studio space that is ME with all the COLOR that exists on the spectrum 😃your feed is so inspiring to me. I first started following because I was interested in your challenge on your blog. I haven't started practicing lettering yet because it is not on my list of things that comes naturally to me. But I do think I'm going to reread your blog posts that talk about what brushes to use on the iPad Pro to practice with the Pencil. I might have more luck practicing on there since it makes everything look better 😂. Anyway, I'm Scarlett and I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi 🙋🏻 I have a business Insta @scarlettrocksdesigns if you'd like to see my passion or you can follow me on this account where I share things maybe a little more up your alley and where I'd be participating in the challenge from. I look forward to all that you so generously share with us 💜⚜️
  • mbebenacremI'll try the same tonight.
  • kathyg1972For a beginner which Tombow do you suggest?
  • corinneth@eshootsa
  • bydawnnicole@kathyg1972 the Tombow Fudenosuke for sure!
  • emilyaeast@hepchic78 I
  • emilyaeast@hepchic78 I'm sure you already have seen her but remidned me of you!
  • hepchic78@emilyaeast no I haven't a thank you for "introducing"me! 😄
  • thepinningmamaI'm not old... I'm just not withering ha!
  • the_ladybuzzThis is amazing work👌🏼
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