• raekwonTHATS HOW YOU DO EM
    MR. PRESIDENT.. !!!!!!!! SALUTE

  • wesncon@machete_kes funny how you write your tiny paragraphs lol when i don't need too someones mad
  • machete_kesim not mad but its funny how 24 hours later you're still msg'ing me, fuck off & get a life @wesncon the facts are the facts; obama was the worst president america has ever had, he did invade 7 countries, he was trying2 start a nuclear war with russia, he did allow black ppl to be shot down in the streets like dogs & he is a faggot with a transexual "wife" called mike. & @inooshunot you have the most pathetic come backs ive ever heard in my life, its been over 24 hours & you're both still crying because someone stated facts & your only response is to whinge like kid's in the playground. the only person you're making fool's of is yourself*
  • machete_kesthe fact that you're both still bothering me like bitches on their periods shows exactly how great your lives are, you're truly pathetic. @inooshunot @wesncon
  • machete_kesyou two lil bitches should hook up, you're a perfect match. @inooshunot @wesncon you're both lifeless, illiterate, buttsore fucktards😂
  • jeversatil😂😂😂😂
  • kingcarcosaIf Obama was dominican
  • wesncon@machete_kes not even reading what you say lmao
  • wesncon@machete_kes 🤔 you need to stop watching youtube and stop smoking all that spice its making you retarded.
  • wesncon@machete_kes bumass nigga probably getting wifi at mcdonalds lmao
  • machete_kesdude! iTS OVER!!! GET S LiFE!!! @wesncon & for the record - i dont eat poison/ mc donalds, i dont smoke spice & i pay for my own wi-fi in my own home (you should try moving out & paying your own bills & growingTF up instead of msging ppl on instagram 48 hours after they've ripped you to shreds* im not wasting anymore time on your pathetic, prepubescent, childish ass. if you haven't got a life get off the planet & stop wasting space, air, food & the time of anyone who encounters you
  • machete_kesGET A* LiFE!
  • wesncon@machete_kes Pussy lol
  • doesntmeanathing_dont make me cut you fam
  • lawmaglaw🏋🏾
  • biggiajoAyee lol @lissasky
  • lovec.o.aYeah right!!
  • 81st_born#Fresh
  • samolssonsmithFadeeeeee
  • deez_feetz@machete_kes @wesncon y'all are doing all this back and forth about the man. @raekwon how about you issue an online challenge to send more water to Flint Michigan since it will be 3 years in April since that story broke and they still can't even take a shower. Obama abandoned that city, so useyyour celebrity to start a drive for water for Flint.
  • jesuismi2koSent more bombs than Bush.4ever a mofo!
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