• instawithalex✖️BE PROACTIVE✖️
    Have you lost followers today? My guess is yes, and guess what, I have too! Why? Well there are a variety of reasons but the only one you really need to know is: it's normal! Followers come and go and 'aint no one got time to worry about that, k?!
    ★Now, my next question.. are you being proactive with your efforts on Instagram? Are you spending time engaging with your followers, responding to comments, liking photos, etc? These are the type of actions that help your account grow in a positive direction.
    👆🏻Try doing this for 5-10 minutes a day and soon those people unfollowing you will be distant memories 👌🏻
    ❓Want other tips like this? Click the link in my bio to sign up for my 7 day e-course! 👉🏻@instawithalex
    📸: @radana_blahova
    #immtribe #instagramtips

  • jennyscrayonsI've been trying not to worry about the unfollowers and getting other things done.
  • whatyou_make_itI feel like I spend too much time engaging and don't see a ton from it! Slow and steady, though, I'm sure.
  • stephaniemanuelVery good tip and reminder!
  • brandsmoothieExactly what I did yesterday, great advice!
  • sally_jane.smithGood advice am dragging myself out of holiday mode but must do better😃
  • uncoveryourjoyDoing my best to be active, but getting back to it seems to take me morw time this time 😊
  • idapahusSo true!
  • radana_blahova🙏😉🙋
  • healthywomenlifestyleI have increased everything I do on instagram and am seeing a growth at a faster rate. My 2 accounts have been growing so slowly and I'm ready for results! I'll keep you updated...
  • melissamoranphotoI definitely do and when I start to engage again they come back!
  • senka.ritzLove it!!
  • mysweetsuccesscoachCool tips 💜
  • grace_and_valourLove this pic !!!
  • clarityiscrucialYes, setting a goal to be more proactive on IG this week, thank you! 💯💕
  • jldesign__Always inspired by you 🙏🏻❤
  • bookertboudoirThere's truth in this post.
  • hayley.pepperEbb and flow 🙏
  • kiriamartinezGood tips💕
  • marbiastudiosI loose followers everyday and then gain some. I've stopped worrying about how many I loose and gain and worry more about my total. If my total stays the same or goes up I'm happy.
  • bethlhicksI'm getting there with being proactive. Gradually...
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