• jamtonejoshI love owning my own business. But I REALLY love playing and teaching. It's exciting to own a biz, beyond rewarding, sometimes scary and the work can feel never ending. Managing a team, overseeing operations (with lots of help:) making quick, sometimes hard decisions, watching JWY! grow year after year. It's a dream come true. But we always want more. More success and bigger and better milestones. Sometimes we get lost in the logistics of "growing". The world of PR, HR, staffing, finance, mktng, advertising etc when the happiest, most rewarding moments are in the actual work we set out to do. Its 2017! Do what u love! #dowhatyoulove #channelingmyinnerseth #lifeisgood

  • chachi25oBeing AMAZING, at what you LOVE doing, is just an added plus ❤❤🎶
  • pic.a.licious#inspiring
  • mickeyvbowLove this
  • deenazfreed❤❤🐱
  • deenazfreed@deenazfreed not sure why the cat... finger slipped. Couldn't agree more with your message!!!!
  • art4yourchildI love everything about this!
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