• thinkcreativecollectiveHello, world. It's been a long 6 days of waiting...and waiting...and waiting for one of the most crucial steps in this entire process. The one step that's been on my mind since we first heard of our sweet babe 5 months ago. The step that said that we could keep her.⠀

    It happened today. A woman stood in front of a judge and said that she was releasing her rights to parent this sweet babe....so we could. When I got the news I wept. I looked at this babe and our whole lives flashed before my eyes. The moment I have been waiting for was finally happening. We still have hurdles to cross (like getting the approval to cross state lines), but this was the most emotional. Now it's up to us.⠀

    And sweet Penelope, you've got a tribe behind you already. A force of women ready to love on you, support you and show you your worth. I can't wait for you to meet them.

  • laurenewheatThis makes my heart happy, congratulations!
  • thebelamourcollectionI got tingles as I read your post. Such a blessing time in your lives.
  • stampwithjennyLove this! Love that hair! I'm so happy that Penelope found her Mama, and her tribe. 💕
  • happybabycarriersHow wonderful!! Congratulations! 💗
  • dockatotcongratulations!!
  • twopretzelsphillyCongrats! This is so amazing 💙 Cheers to starting your family
  • thewcollectivea thousand times yes! so much love
  • helloawesomeshop😥❤❤ so beautiful!!!
  • style1963Congratulations💖This beautiful. God bless you✨
  • martincynthiaadoptBeautiful ❤️
  • emyleesays@nicholettestyles thank you for all your support babe 😘
  • emyleesays@loritrupp @openquotedesigns @meganandjamesphoto @bella2magic thank you thank you!!
  • emyleesays@befamas the wait SUCKS but the end is oh so good
  • emyleesays@junebeebaby hugs!
  • createbliss_yegAwe congrats !!! Such an adorable baby 😘💖
  • nicholettestyles@emyleesays always 💕🦄
  • kindredand.co💕💕💕
  • homehappyinteriorsSo beautiful! Congrats on your new addition, she is beautiful!!
  • abigail4thriveWhooo! How exciting! Congrats, new momma😁
  • idealustlifeLove this so freaking much ❤
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