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  • im2spicedup😂😂😂😂
  • johnnybiggs1975Wish youd,stick to your music used to like you going off you shame
  • bluetysonTraitor piece of shit
  • jassyjas32@redbull_et u really have no life fool i dont went to sleep did hair cooked dinner ran errands u name it and yo faggot ass still on here with the shit bitch harvard my ass u went to devry stfu business my ass for such a busy bitch u stay on ig dont cha
  • jassyjas32@redbull_et nigga that shit was 6 hrs ago suck sumn dick and stfu
  • jassyjas32And bitch u can haveba million degrees and no one would care cuz all u do is get on ig hide behind ur bs account and talk shit im sure ur soft ass wouldnt bust a grape to anyone on here in person u say harvard like big deal ive had scholarships to harvard Howard and grambling why would i care whata ur alma mater
  • jassyjas32@redbull_et nigga this ig not somewhere to post ur fucking resume no one cares u dumb fuck
  • chef_tk_kyleI watch this everyday I cannot stop laughing
  • yudhaperwiraut@m.t_aufik
  • teeozzy57I LOVE YOU SNOOP ❣️❣️❣️💞💞💋
  • carterandre@snoopdogg More and More, I lose respect for You....smh
  • _wildergreen@trotrocox
  • amlaw1111I'd tell ya to Roast The F away!!!! UnAmerican ass!! Won't waist my dollars on your songs about drugs and popping caps in asses and whores, ever again. Done with all you rich and famous assholes off our dime thinking you have so much credit because we like your music or moives!! Get over yourself!!
  • tylerbarker93@mattfav1993
  • jklosThe Talladega College Marching Band 👏👏👏
  • texastoddrussellDude, you are so retarded!
  • trotrocox@danzabs
  • queenbee7519Chrisette Michele is supposed to.perform for Trump's bitch ass
  • andrenynyshame on you , racist
  • taron_lou_Chrisette Michele is performing ROAST her jiggabo ass
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