• outdoortech#views from the office. #stuffyouprobablywant

  • zach.ivesWhere can I get some stickers? Love the tags and I want to rep you guys wherever I go! @outdoortech
  • outdoortech@zach.ives just send an email to support@outdoortech.com and we'll get ya taken care of.
  • benjaminthackThanks for the good customer service this week guys. I've been a Kickstarter backer and ODT supporter since the gen 1 Turtle. Appreciate your communication and help.
  • hirasaurus.rexCan I get some stickers too?
  • wvdaddyOne of the coolest wall decals ove ever seen. Kudos
  • wvdaddyOkay I don't know why I didn't think about this the first time where can I buy one of these? Thinking of this over and over and over again I must have one LOL
  • stickermule@wvdaddy Check out our wall graphics @stickermule!
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