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  • truthorangeThanks to all of you we're starting the new year off in style. The teen smoking rate is at an all-time low of 6%. Let's #FinishIT for good.

  • queennoreen@annathestylistmoore
  • xplosionnslowmo@MichaelChiem 😎
  • michaelchiem@xplosionnslowmo ugh I love this movement #finisher
  • its_jessie_babe#FinishIt
  • soccerbest12Hell yes! About time! We will finish it, it may take time but it's going to happen!
  • steve_kennway14Yay
  • lucky_the_kid_Honestly 0% of what you just said was coherent at all. If you are arguing that most teens buy tobacco products for blunt wraps, then that would mean the teen smoking rate went down. Also weed does not make you more productive. At all. Coming from someone who used to smoke it. Also you insinuated that the majority of teen smokers only smoke because its "cool" and I have to disagree with that. A lot of kids try it out of curiosity, or because their parents smoke, and get hooked. Also, smoke shops sell blunt wraps, and most gas stations sell wrapping papers, so im not sure if you have any idea what you're talking about at all. @cancer_factory
  • randyseussphotography👀
  • xalleybabyxboy all the kids I know smoke tobacco. I do and I have since I was 15. are these statistics from asking? cuz If so I have a feeling people are lying
  • matt.walton.copenhagen_kiddSmokin has been around for a while I doubt very seriously a few lazy fucktards can get rid of it
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