• groknationHave you ever said "therapy doesn't work" or "I don't need to go to therapy"? The @Psychcentralcom article linked in our bio discusses what the things we say about therapy mean and how we can move towards admitting we deserve help. (Link to article in bio)

  • jillianackmanThank you so much for this! I was a psychology major in college and have been going to therapy for years. So many people don't understand how it works etc. thank you for getting the word out there!!
  • peanutclairebaileyTherapy doesn't work because people expect bloody miracles. They turn up week after work without their homework. They've not put into place any of the interventions. They've done no reading. They've not moved towards any of their goals. People expect therapists to work miracles and it's impossible. You need to put a lot of effort in to reep the benefits of therapy. I tire of hearing people say therapy doesn't work when in fact, the evidence base generally says it does. You can't learn to play a guitar unless you pick it up day after day and practice. Same premise for therapy.
  • therealshamysYes, I need
  • star2fireI went to therapy after my dad died. I may need to go back actually. I'm thankful for it, it has helped me tremendously.
  • groknation@star2fire sorry to hear about your Dad, but so glad you found someone to talk to!
  • star2fire@groknation thank you for your kindness. I can't believe how bad I still hurt after 6 months. I am sorry Miss Mayim lost her dad too but I'm thankful she wrote about it. The whole Jewish mourning thing was all news to me. And all SO helpful.
  • lilv3t121I have this poster hanging on my wall.
  • rachy_c87We need to do this more @harlequin_bunny
  • stmamccannI have family that refuses to go to therapy even though they would benefit greatly. They are trapped in the stigma that therapy means they're "crazy" which is so far from the truth. Therapy has worked for so many. For anyone out there reading this that needs therapy but hasn't yet taken the step, TAKE IT.
  • harlequin_bunnyExactly @rachy_c87
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