• etstNella would like you to meet her boyfriend, Wil. Our talented friend @thatdadblog was able to help a family bring home their baby with DS from an institution overseas AND fund a @rubysrainbow scholarship last year with proceeds from their calendar. They'd love to do the same this year but need your help. Calendars are only $10 and are filled with gorgeous photos that promote the idea that all of us are capable of flying in our own unique ways. Click the link in @thatdadblog bio to order yours. Nella's got dibs on the boy for marriage though, so back off girls. 🖐🏻

  • ourstoryinthemaking❤️
  • miaria06@etst totally buying one !!
  • thatdadblogThanks Kelle! When they get married they are living in our basement apartment - just so you know. You can come visit anytime. 👍
  • hpenglerUh oh! @thatdadblog a quick look at your IG says that your handsome boy is promised to a few girls. Heart breaker already? 😍
  • smalltownmamaSounds like the perfect thing for a school counselors office. ❤️
  • pineandpoppyshopDarling!!
  • amymmerrittAlso a great insta follow. 👍🏼
  • rubysrainbow@thatdadblog @etst how did Ruby get cut out of this deal?! 😂😂
  • keciacoxLove this! They were an answer to our prayers with this calendar funds last year ❤️
  • etst@rubysrainbow @thatdadblog two words: sister wives. 😂
  • latabledenanaAww..I have read about him❤️
  • langanemWait...I thought there was going to be a love triangle between Nella, Ruby and Liam??? @rubysrainbow
  • etst@langanem we gots us some two-timing! 😂 I'm so glad our babies have so many eligible bachelors!
  • _thebeezkneezWhere are those photo books from your insta story from?!? They were awesome!!!!
  • rubysrainbow@langanem @etst 😂😂😂😂😂
  • nico_bur_ton@jburton77 @little_r
  • embraceandgraceOh I love this!!!!!
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