Check out our brand new totally for real Riot Fest logo.
  • riot_festCheck out our brand new totally for real Riot Fest logo.

  • alecboyd_Reign in blood
  • how_the_gods_killBlakasfuk
  • stellar.voreDear Riot Fest, I've attended for the last 4 years, but find myself being tempted this year by the already released Psycho Las Vegas lineup. Can't afford to do both, and don't want to miss out on lower tiered ticket pricing for their fest while I wait until May to see what you guys have in store. What advice can you send my way? Sincerely, Indecisive in Indianapolis
  • simfinrcome back to toronto!!!!
  • mls_414Counting the spaces and the dots, to see if theyve left us clues for the lineup. 😶
  • ournicheindyspiritsLove riot fest, not thrilled with new logo
  • danielswade@ournicheindyspirits me either
  • ache.veNeeds more points and blood drops
  • jbeaudry_Oh I thought for sure it was an @danielswade original work
  • mangstaYou dicks know this will drive people crazy trying to figure out what the hidden meaning is if any. Bravo
  • danielswade@jbeaudry_ it is. Haha
  • agreed, it is too legible
  • treats4birdTotally feel like I was one of those drippy dots last year. Yet holding it all up too
  • thehotironProbably easier to get a tattoo of that than the current one
  • definitelynot_latoo legible.
  • jsphjar99Discount if we get toys tattooed?
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