• purposefulhomepodcastAllie here 👋🏻 I've been thinking...the more reckless or strong-willed a child is, the more I feel the need to stay close to them. To watch them, teach them, gently guide them, because I know that although they're born to lead, they're not ready yet, and they'll get themselves into trouble, like Emmett did at the lake (he legit almost fell in twice). He's my reckless one. Totally fearless. In his mind, he's capable of anything. In mine, he's a baby boy with big dreams and no sense of his own physical boundaries (i.e.: the inability to swim). While I know I'm needed now and that makes my mama heart swell to overflowing, I pray that I'll know when to let go a little, and then a lot. I never want to hold my littles back from those big dreams as they grow into adults who can go get them for real. That's been my prayer lately - God, tell me when my grasp needs to loosen, and heal my heart from aching when that time comes. Let it be a time of joy and triumph and accomplishment, not one of loss. 🙏🏼🙌🏻 But for now, for today, I hold him close and watch him like the Mama hawk I am, because he's tiny and sweet and stubborn, and he'd live with the fishes if it weren't for me. 😂 #motherhood

  • lisa.marie_80I can't love this more! 💛 This is exactly where I'm at right now with my little, almost 4 year old, Liam. I never want to crush his beautiful spirit, but maaan, he's given me so many grey hairs already 😂
  • purposefulhomepodcast@lisa.ramirez80 Right?! It's so hard!
  • ericamiskeLOVE this. 💛
  • finding_pure_happinessThis sounds EXACTLY like me and my Jase...he's 3 and incredibly strong willed 😉 even on the days he drives me a little crazy, I try to remind myself what a blessing it is to have such an independent little boy ❤
  • lameesesI know exactly what you mean...I have a fearless little Noah who I have to constantly keep an eye on. He thinks his invincible.
  • jacquelynn_giboneyObsessed with this 🙌🏼 this is my prayer for Lincoln to a tee!
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