I'm going to run in here and yell "I need to see the doctor immediately!" Haha 
#somethingiswrongwithmyfoot #amputee #skeleton #foot #funnybone #cancer #footclinic #onefootwander
  • onefootwanderI'm going to run in here and yell "I need to see the doctor immediately!" Haha
    #somethingiswrongwithmyfoot #amputee #skeleton #foot #funnybone #cancer #footclinic #onefootwander

  • mhadlandI am struggling too btw. I was working 70 hour weeks then found a pain and strange lump in my left foot. I got private disability, was eventually fired when my leave expired, and now my disability payments are cut off after they got a doctor to write that I can work. I can't - today is typical, took til 2pm to get out of bed and dressed etc with the help of my mom. The pain is unrelenting, because the tumor mangled the nerve in my foot. I envy you even being able to get out and take photos! I had to move back with my folks and the medical bills continue to pile up without income. I get what it's like - stay strong, keep rolling with the punches life throws and keep those creative photos coming. 😎
  • onefootwander@mhadland I'm a size 8.5 or 9 haha. I'm sorry to hear that, I hope that you can somehow get back on disability to get the help you need and deserve. I definitely understand the working aspect. I had to quit my job because I was too depressed to work back when my insurance denied my prosthetic. Heck, I still stay in bed a ton (but mainly just because sleep is my favorite haha). Hang in there, good things will come your way!!
  • shogan71@onefootwander How in the world can they deny your prosthetic? How do the want you to get around?
  • mhadland@onefootwander haha perfect, I am a size 9! 👟
  • eileenb_dogsLol!!! I love your sense of humor!!
  • onefootwander@shogan71 they denied it because it wasn't the most basic prosthetic. My doctors appealed their decision and then the insurance finally approved :)
  • bmaroo104@lizranson @etbishop @pagustin101
  • kathymisuracaHaha! Hello from Midwest City, OK! Love your photos and your sense of humor!
  • auroraperalta7El otro día miré una peli vieja d Bruce lee,dnde uno guardaba su mano amputada,le habrá sacado d ahi la idea 😁
  • shogan71@onefootwander Glad they finally approved it!
  • shirleykh😂
  • rubyinvisigothOne foot and Marissa, you are a couple of the toughest broads I have ever "met". One foot, u crack me up with every picture-what a great way to keep it going. I have lupus and I have had some pretty bad times myself. I got most of my parts tho--some are metal. I don't know where u live but a little CBD goes a looooong way. Keep on keeping on ladies-I'm in ur corner 👽‼
  • marie_victoire_m.aGenius ! Xxx
  • ankeverhaegenJust love your sense of humour and your positivism!
  • paigearin@luciaio omg you have to follow this account
  • rudedog5150HAHAHA HAHAHA
  • grg617@kelly_bellyy22
  • colinrobertsart@kindahandy check out this interesting account. Reminds me a little of yours.
  • x_tronnor.janiel_x@joe_sugg sent me
  • mr_bug_le_wic_z@jamiebonacci
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