• thoughtcatalogTo the girls who have loved someone who didn’t deserve them,
    I salute you for your very act of loving. For having the power to love the people who can’t love you the way you deserve to be loved. I salute you because even when it hurts like hell, you still choose to stay.
    I salute you for your belief that people can change. That maybe one day, he would realize just how important you are. That one morning, he will see all your efforts and appreciate it. That a time will come and he will take into consideration all the emotions you invested in him. That one special moment, he would simply decide to reciprocate the love you deserve.
    I salute you for giving so much more than what you are receiving.
    I salute you because you’ve been used and yet you choose to forgive. You’ve been hurt yet you choose to heal. You’ve been taken for granted yet you choose to exert effort beyond comprehension.
    I salute you because no matter how wounded your soul is, no matter how damaged your heart is, you always choose love. You always choose to learn, forget and move forward. You still choose to accept the pain, overcome it and let go.
    I salute you because after all, loving is never easy. Loving can be scary. Loving can be tortuous. Loving can be distasteful. But you still choose to see love for all its fascinating attributes. You still choose to love, and not just love the easy people, or the people who can give you the world. You didn’t love the right people, you loved all the wrong ones and that reflects nothing but total bravery.

    Words: @diantinio
    Photo: @chloe.chippendale

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